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          Room : 9
          Dining room : 1 
          Bathroom : 2 
          Shower room : 1
          Car port : 6 
          Microbus : 1
          Fishing boat : 2 
      (Kaijinmaru & Sea Angel )        

Christmas holiday in 2011  


Guest Room 9 rooms - Japanese Style (Tatami mat / NO bed room) 

Our guest rooms are all Japanese style.

Enjoy tatami mat and futon like ordinary Japanese house. Beautiful Japanese garden can be seen from the windows.

Dining Room   Break-fast and Dinner details here
Pcrew03_syokudou.jpg Enjoy Japanese homemade dishes with nice view of our garden.

Big mother cooks all dishes. If you have any request for our dinner, we can arrange easily.

  Entrance Lobby    
Pcrew03_robi.jpg Enjoy conversation with other guests and have relax time.
Beverage and other stuffs are sold here.

Japanese Garden  
Pcrew03_niwa01.jpg Seasonal flowers are blooming and many kinds of birds visit our garden.

You will find goldfish, Japanese rice-fish, fresh-water shrimp in the pond. When the season comes, Dragonflies also can be seen.

Fell free to go for a stroll and enjoy nice fresh air the garden.
Pcrew03_niwa07.jpg Pcrew03_niwa04.jpg
Pcrew03_niwa05.jpg Pcrew03_niwa03.jpg

Fishing boat See more information here

KAIJINMARU For 5 to 6 people
Pcrew03_kaijin01jpg.JPG Kaijinmaru's service started in 2012.
Much bigger than previous boat "Sea Angel" and max 6 people can enjoy fishing in one group. Toilet is equipped so as not to worry about it.

Good for family fishing as well!

For more information is here

SEA ANGEL  For 2 ro 3 people 
Pcrew03_seaangel.jpg Pension Crew's original fihsing boat 
"Sea Angel"

Toilet is equipped.

Many fish, also legendary fish!, are caught from this boat and make many records. 

Courtesy Bus

Pcrew03_kamomegou.jpg Kamome meands seagull.
(Actually, you will see so many seagull on the coastal line nearby.)

For 9 people max.

The paint of seagul is our trademark.